Monday, November 17, 2008

The Initial Build Part 2

We scored an Autopower bolt-in cage from a guy down in Houston and one team mate offered up a Kirkey seat he previously used in his Spec Miata. Used Konig Rewinds were purchased along with new Falken Azenis. Pro-Tuing Performance of Fort Worth, TX help source most of the parts for the car.

By mid-September we'd been busting ass to make noticable progress on the car. Luckily the car was being stored at Zero Hour Motorsports in Arlington, TX and was a central location for the team to meet up for work sessions. I was able to drive the car down the road to Alamo Autosports to fabricate the exhaust, which was MUCH needed since there is a 92dB sound limit at the event.

With the car running and driving under its own power, we contacted rotary specialists Rotary Performance in Garland, TX in seek of their sage advice.

Initial inspection at RP of how poorly we got it running

They rebuilt the carb, I had previously attemped to fix, along with dozens of other fixes and got the car running like a champ. It idles! They strapped it down to their Dynojet and the car made 108whp with just a Racing Beat header, 2.5" resonator and emissions stripped carb. When we dropped it off, it was making less than 70whp.

We could not be doing this without the generous help and support of the following great shops and companies.

Zero Hour Motorsports- Honda/Acura Specialists

Alamo Autosports- Import Performance Specialists

Rotary Performance- Rotary Specialists/Gods

Pro-Tuning Performance- Import Performance Specialists

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