Monday, November 17, 2008

The Initial Build

We decided to build a car for the Houston edition of the 24hrs of LeMons. One of the guys had bought three SA and FB RX7s almost 7years ago for the grand sum of $700. The other two cars had long been sold and parted out but he still had one gem, lovely referred to as the "Brown Mound." This 1984 GS has been sitting in his driveway since purchased and was a favorite hangout spot for his cat. Only has 83K miles though!
Ready to leave Houston.

Here's the car once it was towed up to DFW and sleeping in my garage. Covered in pollen, slowly rusting in the Houston humidity.

We partially gutted the car while it was staying at my house. Removed all the junk in the rear, side glass and carb from the motor.

Once I had finished poorly rebuilding the carb, we ran the fuel lines out of a gas can, with the new pump inline. With just a little luck, she fired to life and rev'd to 7K easily. The car was open header at this time and quite deafening.

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